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Below you will find links to .PDF files containing the results of our DNA testing. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Under each link to the .PDF file, I have included links to pages containing my own notes and comments regarding the results in the .PDF files above them.

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Some Definitions used:

95% Confidence Interval- Reports a range of values in which the true value is found 95% of the time.

Allele- The alternative possibilities for a gene or genetic locus.

Generations- In this report, generations are counted by starting at the parent of the living participant and counting up to the common ancestor. Then count back down to the second living participant. For example, if two people share a great-grandfather, they are separated by 6 generations.

Haplotype- A set of unique genetic markers that defines an individual or group.

Locus (plural=Loci)- The chromosomal position or physical location of a gene or a DNA marker.

Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)- A statistical method for estimating population parameters for sample data that maximizes the probability of obtaining the observed data.

p-value- The probability of obtaining the given value.